February 2014: Daily Posting Challenge Round-up

On February 1st, I announced the start of a challenge: I will try to publish one new blog post at QBT every single day… for the whole of February 2014. It may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s still a challenging goal. – “Set Ambitious, Achievable Goals to Improve Your Blog” It’s […]

Change One Thing at a Time

Your blog needs a change from time to time. New categories, a new theme, regular guest contributors – there are many ways you can change your blog to keep it fresh. But if you change too many things, too often, you won’t be able to see which ones worked and which ones didn’t. You need […]

There’s an Exception to Every Rule

Blogging tips are ten-a-penny. Everyone has a tip for you. Why don’t you follow them all? Well, not every tip works for you. So some of those tips can be skipped over. I think there’s an exception to every rule. And you shouldn’t be afraid to go out on a limb, throw all the rules […]

Make Notes to Cement Understanding

Have you ever found a really long list of tips and tricks, and thought, “Wow! That’s awesome! I must check this out…” You read the post, enjoy it, and leave the site feeling pretty good with yourself. You just learned loads of stuff, quickly! Now… how much of it did you remember? And how much […]