Guest Post Guidelines

To write a blog post for QBT, please read the following guidelines before you submit your post.

First and foremost

QBT is a hobby, not a business. The vast majority of posts are written by me. I am happy to feature guest writers from time to time, but this isn’t the right place to ask for a weekly writing spot. That doesn’t mean you can’t submit other posts in the future though.

I aim for all of my posts to be interesting and valuable to readers. I want the same to be true of any guest posts published at QBT. Quality of content is more important than a backlink!

Connect first!

I like to connect with potential writers on Twitter before receiving a guest post request. If we’ve already talked on Twitter, please mention this when contacting me. Include your Twitter username so I can check out your profile and blog.


Your guest post must relate to blogging in some way. Original or clever tips that aren’t pedalled by a lot of other blogs are the best posts to submit. Features and articles that contain a discussion rather than a tip will be accepted if they are well written.


Quick Blog Tips lives up to its name. Posts shouldn’t be too long. Beyond this, there isn’t a specific word limit.


The post must be written by you, and not already published on another blog or website.

Although we do sometimes revisit older topics in recent posts, please search the existing posts at Quick Blog Tips to ensure you’re not writing a post that’s already been written. If you want to take an old topic and give it a fresh opinion, that’s fine.

How to Submit

Step 1: Finding the Right Topic

Think of a post you’d like to write. Come up with a good title for that post. Don’t write any of the detail yet.

Send an email to web [at] quickblogtips [dot] com with the following subject line: QBT Guest Post.

Include the post title you came up with, and your blog URL so I can check out some of your other posts.

If you wish, you can send me a few post titles so there’s a better chance of finding one that I like.

Step 2: Getting the Post Together

If I like your post title, I’ll ask you to write the content.

You can send me your post as a PDF, a plain text document, a Word document or put it in the body of your email if you prefer.

Please don’t send the post in raw HTML. If you want to make some of the text bold, use a PDF, Word document or an HTML email and actually make the text appear bold so I can see it that way.

If you include any URLs in your post, you can save me some time by including a list of the URLs at the end of the post, too. The list of URLs will not be displayed in your post – it just helps me to add in the hyperlinks.

Don’t worry about sending an image – I will do this.

Step 3: Credit Where Credit’s Due

I want to ensure you are properly credited for your work, and your details are formatted nicely at the end of your post. If this is your first guest post, when sending your post content, please include the following:

  • Your name, as you’d like it to appear in the author field. Not too long, please. No URLs or keywords. Real names preferred; a pseudonym is acceptable if it’s how you’re known online.
  • An email address that will display your personal photo from Your post will look much friendlier if readers can see your avatar.
  • Your blog URL, which will be linked from your profile.
  • A short bio, just a couple of sentences will do. You can link to your blog and Twitter profile in your bio if you wish.


Will you accept a post on topic X?
Simply submit your post title via email and I will say yes or no.

Will you edit my post?
Yes – but I will not change the meaning of the post. Most of the edits I make are simply to ensure a consistent post format at Quick Blog Tips. If your post has a lot of mistakes or doesn’t flow very well, I may send it back to you.

Can I submit more guest posts?
Absolutely. I’d love to have another guest post from you if you’ve got more ideas to share.

Any other questions?

If you’ve got a question that isn’t answered above, drop me an email: web [at] quickblogtips [dot] com