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Quick Blog Tips logoQuick Blog Tips is all about providing tips for busy bloggers. The content is short and snappy: it simply gets the point across, and then gets out of the way.

Why you should read this blog

Quick Blog Tips (or QBT)┬áis a blog without fluff. I won’t waste your time with tips that won’t be of any use.

In every post, I aim to cut through the crap and provide tips that are real and useful, tried and tested. I also use a short, punchy writing style that’s super quick to digest.

My blogging beliefs

There are a few key principles I bring up at QBT. Think of them as my “blogging beliefs”:

  1. Blogging is writing. If you hate writing, blogging isn’t right for you. But it’s great if you want to improve your writing skills. Read more.
  2. You need to choose a topic you actually want to write about. There’s no point choosing a topic that bores you. Read more.
  3. Not all blogging tips apply to every blogger. It’s important to find the tips that work for you. Read more.

Let’s get started

If you’re a new blogger, check out my list of 10 tips before you start blogging.

Or if you’d like to dig deeper, check out the Archives and browse by category.

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