How to Launch a Post on Twitter in 4 Easy Steps

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Want to launch a post on Twitter? Simply follow these four easy steps, and watch the traffic roll in!

1. Create Some Buzz

Twitter is a great place to have conversations with people. It’s not as effective if you try to use Twitter to push your blog without engaging in discussions. Are you the guy in the pub who goes on about himself and never stops to hear what others have to say? Well, don’t be that guy.

To create some buzz, you first need to start talking about a topic that’s relevant or interesting to you – a subject you have something to write about. Start with a question and see what answers you get.

2. Read and Reply

As soon as you ask a question on Twitter, you may be surprised at how quickly people start to respond. I don’t usually get more than half a dozen people replying, but I get some great comments. Quality is more important than quantity.

You don’t have to reply to every single comment, but it’s good to reply to at least some of them, as it keeps the discussion going. And then you can move on…

3. Write Your Post

While in some cases it’s great to write blog posts in advance, I’ve found that some of my best posts are written on the fly, just after I’ve been chatting with people on Twitter.

Of course, you could write the post in advance, and talk about it a bit before putting it out there. However, I think it’s good to have a post that’s fresh and relevant to the discussions you were just having.

4. Share Your Post

In this case, there’s no need to say something generic, such as “Hey guys! Check out my post! (link)” Instead, you can point people to it if they were replying to you. It’s ideal if you can try and write the post as the replies are still coming – strike while the iron’s hot and all that.

Does it work?

I’ve found that it works very well if you can get the post online before the people who replied go offline. That doesn’t mean you have to rush your post and risk making loads of mistakes, though – people will see it when they next go online. But if you can get the post up quickly, it may have more of an impact.


Have you tried promoting a new blog post in this way? How did you get on? Do you have any other methods?