Write Your Posts on a Sunday


Blogging takes time. Writing new posts, promoting your posts, replying to comments, reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs, answering emails, using social media… the list goes on.

I’ve found that it is a lot easier to keep up with all of these tasks if I try and write my posts in advance, ideally on a Sunday. At Quick Blog Tips, I currently publish 5 posts every week, and Sunday is the best day for me to write those posts. Sunday is good because I don’t usually have much else going on.

I schedule my posts to go out through the week. This means I can use weekday evenings to do my networking and promotion. While writing is something I can just sit down and do, networking is something I prefer to do in small bursts of activity.

An added bonus is that if I’m not writing complete posts every day, I think up ideas for new posts much more frequently.


How many posts do you publish every week? When do you write your posts?

Image credit: "Balcony" by mark walsh
  • http://drbilltellsancestorstories.blogspot.com/ Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith

    A variation of this works well for me, as well. Writing posts ahead and scheduling them in their proper spots is something I highly recommend, as well. Good one. Keep them coming. ;-)

    • Ben

      Hi Bill -thanks for the comment. :) Writing five posts in one sitting is quite a task, but I’m always happy and relieved once I get through them all.

  • http://www.thestonedoctrine.com Kevin Stone

    I have been getting your post via e-mail for a few weeks now and I believe that I am learning much from your tips. My blog has been sitting silent for a while and now it will come back to life. Thanks to your tips I am going to shoot for three post a week and have them written and scheduled ahead of time. I first tried to post each day but would burn myself out. Feel free to check out my site it will pop to life on Wensday. Keep going with the tips as I am now a faithful reader of yours and once again thank you very much you have helped me tremenously. Now if only I could spell right. Thank God for Spell Check.

    • Ben

      Hi Kevin – thanks for the comment. :) It’s great to hear you’ve been finding my tips useful. I really appreciate that. :) Writing each day is difficult, and is something to work up to – but not start at. 3 posts per week is a really good balance between keeping your blog current, and not over-extending yourself. I’ve subscribed to your blog and will check it out over the next few days. Thanks for the link :)