Interact Daily – Spread Your Message Further

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First, you were told to post daily.

Then, you were told not to.

Now, I’m telling you to interact daily – and why this is a direct replacement for posting daily.

Why Daily Posting Seems Like a Good Idea

Writing every day gets your message out there for the world to see. Day after day, week after week… and so on.

Publish a great new post and your most devoted readers may jump on it on the day it goes out. They’ll read it, comment on it, and share it very quickly. You’ll feel a buzz… and you’ll want to post more.

What’s Really Going On Here?

You’re seeing the benefit of saying something memorable, getting people’s attention, and having them spread the word.

Publishing a new post isn’t the only way to get your message out there.

Interaction Reminds People You Exist

Saying something every day reminds people you’re still out there.

Comment on blogs. Email other bloggers. Post on social media sites. All of these things get you interacting with others.

You don’t have to post links to interact. Sometimes you shouldn’t post a link at all. Just make sure you say something memorable.

Don’t Do the Disappearing Act

If you only show up to tell people about your latest post, and you don’t talk about anyone but yourself, people will ignore you.

Do You Interact Daily?

Yes, it’s time consuming to keep up with everything – but are you interacting daily?

  • Felicia

    I strive to interact daily and I’m certainly doing much better than I used to. I think it’s really helped not only help my blog to get more exposure, but it’s helped me to learn more about different people and grow as a person myself. Sometimes it can be hard to interact on a day to day basis depending on what’s going on, but with all the technology out there it certainly makes it easier. Now I can tweet and retweet on the go, update Facebook, reply to comments or what have you no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Great post, Ben, I think this is important for bloggers to practice and can be very beneficial.

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Felicia :) At the moment I don’t really do a lot of interaction except on my desktop PC or laptop (so not really on my phone), but I sometimes post on Twitter or Facebook from my phone. Blog commenting is the main thing I always want to do more of and yet it’s the one thing I find it hard to find the time to do regularly. I’ll keep trying :)

  • Jens P. Berget

    That’s great advice Ben. I am trying to build a system where I interact daily. I set a timer for how long I need to comment on blogs, how much time I need on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and I do it every single day, because it’s a lot of fun, and because it works.

    But, I also set a time each day to create something. I need my own products. But, relationship marketing is part of what I believe is the best type of marketing.

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Jens :) When you talk about creating something, do you mean other than writing a new post? I’ve recently started to do more than just write a few posts each week – you’ve seen some of my bonus content already. I still want to work on blog commenting, as I’m quite slow at it and I rarely get through more than a few comments each week. I want to change that.

      • Jens P. Berget

        Yes, I’m talking about creating a product like an ebook that you can offer as an incentive to people who sign up for your newsletter or to sell (you can turn it into an ebook for the Kindle and sell it on Amazon). I am always working on a project that’s related to my blog.