Keep Self-Promotion Under Control With a Buffer Schedule

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Do you ever worry that you’re sharing your own posts a bit too often? Or do you just want to make sure you balance out your sharing strategy so you always share other people’s posts, and not just your own?

Setting up a strict Buffer schedule will help you to achieve this. Here’s how.

Meet Buffer: Your Scheduling Buddy

Buffer is my favourite site for scheduling tweets. Sign up for Buffer here.

Once you’ve signed up, click “Apps & Extras” for some great tools that make using Buffer a breeze. I’m using the Buffer extension for Chrome.

Let’s Make a Date

Click “Settings” and you should see the scheduling options. If not, click “Schedule & Shortening”.

The free Buffer account gives you 10 slots for your upcoming tweets. I am trying to send out 3 posts from other blogs for every 1 post from my own. So I have a schedule that posts at 1pm, 1:30pm, 2pm, and 7pm – where the 7pm slot is for my own posts.

Choose your tweeting schedule, and save the changes.

Fill It Up!

Now go off and find some posts that you want to share. Instead of tweeting them, click the Buffer button in your browser and you’ll be able to add the post to your Buffer schedule.

The Trick…

By doing this, you force yourself to queue up 3 posts from other blogs before you can queue up one of your own. So while you can choose any times you like for your scheduling pattern (and it’s good to try a few different times to see what works best), your post should always be last in the queue.

Nothing to Share – What Now?

It doesn’t matter if you miss a day, or you only schedule one or two posts. You’ll either miss a day, or you won’t share one of your own posts.

This is a great way to make sure you give out plenty of link love to other blogs, and you’re not flooding your Twitter stream with your own stuff.


How many posts do you share from your own blog vs. those you share from other blogs?

  • Dean Phillips

    Hey Ben

    Loving the insight into Buffer

    I use Hootsuite, are you a fan of that? (apparently Facebook hates using third party plugins on their site)

    I think you would love it can link to your buffer account so you tweet when your twitter followers are most active :)

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Dean :) Welcome to QBT. Nice to see you here. I do use Hootsuite, however, it let me down with its scheduling feature. Buffer seems to be more reliable. I’ll have a look at Tweriod, thanks!

  • Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Ben,

    I use buffer app for Chrome for tweeting (but, lately, I have noticed that instead of scheduling, I have been tweeting it all at the same time, causing a wide disparity between the times I tweet).

    But, buffer is great, great for scheduling and auto shortening tweets (I also use Buffer for my fan page, but I nowadays I use that feature rarely since Buffer doesn’t allow me to tag any users).

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Jeevan :) I haven’t tried Buffer for Facebook, although I’ve seen the button appearing when I post something there. I agree that Buffer is great :D

  • Lisa

    I love the buffer for that – it’s a fine line on how much self promotion to tweet and buffer helps you organize that. I used Social Bro to calculate the time of the tweets too. I try to do about 50% my own and quotes or a few others in buffer. I re-tweet others throughout the day if its good stuff. I think the more followers you have the more you can tweet your own stuff because not everyone will see each of the tweets. I also love the buffer app on digg digg – makes it easy to add to the buffer.

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Lisa :) Good point about number of followers, although I’d be worried if someone went to my profile and saw mostly self-promotional tweets. So I try to keep it balanced. I’ve added the Buffer button to my blog before, but only briefly – I prefer keeping my social buttons to an absolute minimum :)

  • Brian D. Hawkins

    I’ve used Buffer off and on for a while. It’s especially nice when on those blogging rounds and you don’t want to just hammer your followers with tweets from every blog you visit all at once. I especially like that you’re using it to help others more than yourself, nice job Ben.

    BTW, I like your new design :)

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Brian :) Thanks! I definitely want to help other bloggers, it’s not all about me :)