How Posting Habits Affect Reach on Your Facebook Page


If you’ve set up a Facebook fan page for your blog and you’ve accumulated more than 30 likes, an “Insights” box will show up when you view the page as an admin.

The Insights box displays a little graph that shows your reach: that is, the number of people who saw your post within a 7 day period.

Different posting habits can lead to different levels of reach. Let’s look at a few examples.

Automated Posting Disabled

A quick caveat: these graphs were not taken at a time when automatic posting was turned on. I turned it on when I went away on holiday, but turned it off shortly after I came back.

One Post After a Period of Inactivity

Facebook Reach Graph #1

On my “Ben Barden” fan page, I went for quite a while without posting anything at all. You can see the gradual decline at the start of the graph.

Then, when I posted something new, the reach shot up and stayed up for several days.

The lesson here is that it’s never too late to post on your Facebook page. As long as people have liked your page, new posts stand a good chance of being seen.

Several Posts After a Short Delay

Facebook Reach Graph #2

This is a continuation of the first graph. A couple of weeks after the first post, and having seen the reach drop back down again, I posted four times in quick succession.

You can see that the result of this was a steady increase in reach.

The lesson here is that if you’re posting great content, a steady flow of new posts can help to ensure readers don’t forget about you.

Frequent Posts With Some Recent Popularity

Facebook Reach Graph #3

This is the recent graph for the Quick Blog Tips fan page. The page has had a steady flow of new posts, although not at regular intervals, and the reach has stayed fairly low.

However, the last two or three posts triggered some renewed interest, perhaps because one of them was more popular than the ones before.

The lesson here is that regular updates doesn’t guarantee anything. I’m always trying to post great content, so perhaps it was more to do with when I posted the updates. But it may also be due to the fact I have fewer likes on the QBT fan page, so any interest can look like a much bigger spike than it is.

Your Mileage May Vary

These graphs are just from my experience.  You won’t get the same results as me, but I think there are still a few things we can learn from the graphs.


What patterns have you noticed on your Facebook fan page? What gets people to notice your posts?

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hi Ben,

    I haven’t been posting on my fan page in a while, but what you’ve written here has changed my mind. I was thinking that I shouldn’t be “pushing” new posts to my audience on Facebook, but now I’m thinking that they probably won’t mind.

    Do you publish every new post on your page?

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Jens :) I don’t publish every new post on the FB page. I generally choose the best post from the blog and share them on FB. I also share older posts that have recently been updated, or that haven’t had any comments in a while.

      I think if readers like your page, most of them are fine to receive updates / new posts from that page. And if not, they can always unlike the page. I wouldn’t worry about that side of things too much unless you see a lot of people unliking the page in a short space of time. Unless that happens, you can pretty much say that you can’t please everyone, so you shouldn’t try to :)

  • Jacky

    Hey Ben, I’m new to your site and have a question for ya (sorry if you’ve an article about this already!):

    When would be a good time to create a Facebook page? I recently started my personal blog (3 posts, as you can see) and I’ve focused very much on a simple, well-written blog. If you could check it out and give me some insights on when to set up a Page, that’d be great.


    • Ben Barden

      Hi Jacky :) Welcome to QBT. You can create a FB page any time, but it might be best to wait until you have a few more posts. I’m a firm believer in focusing on the content of a blog before promoting it anywhere. A dozen posts at a minimum would be sensible; you may want to wait until you have 20-30 posts and then set up the page at that point.