6 Quick Tips for Writing Outstanding Blog Posts

Morning Wandering

If content is king, then building an outstanding blog primarily requires you to write lots of outstanding posts. How can you write an outstanding post?

1. Be Positive

In the UK, I’m familiar with the phrase “everybody loves a moan”. That may be true for some of us, however, it’s pretty boring to read post after post where the author is constantly complaining and not trying to change things for the better.

If life sucks, find things that make you happy, and blog about them instead.

2. Be Original

How many more times do we need to hear about how much people love the plugins we’re already using, the sites we’ve already visited, and the blogs we’re already reading?

Sure, not everyone will know about them, but I think you’d be much better off finding unusual and unexpected material instead of the same old stuff. Do some research.

3. Be Fresh

If you want to produce fresh content, you’ll need to look beyond the topic at hand, and consider how you present it. A great topic written in a bland style isn’t going to move mountains.

Bring a fresh outlook to the table, and you’ll start to build a following of readers who want to hear your views on the latest things in your field.

4. Be Interesting

We’ve talked about your choice of topics, and how you write about it. To be truly interesting, you don’t just need a fresh writing style – you’ll need to captivate readers with compelling and convincing arguments.

Why do you feel the way you do? Why does a topic matter to you so much?

5. Be Snappy

Blogs include bite-sized chunks of wisdom. Bite-sized articles are much easier to digest than a massive, sprawling post. Blogs aren’t books.

If you want people to jump in, read your posts and stick with you right to the end, consider writing a short, snappy post. Don’t make it any longer than it needs to be. Don’t waffle.

6. Be Direct

If you’re circling around an issue instead of addressing it head-on, readers will begin to wonder what you’re trying to say. If you’re trying to keep everyone happy, well, don’t bother!

The more up front you are with your message, the more likely it is that readers will connect with it and relate to it. Why go around the houses when you can go direct?


What do you think makes a post outstanding?

  • http://www.logallot.com Sonia

    I don’t mind a well-thought out post providing it adds value, but there are some posts that look like novels. My attention span only goes so long and when I am at work, I try and sneak in a few blog comments to make the day go by faster. Most content online appears to be alike, but like you said, having a spin on your delivery really counts.

    Some posts I won’t read if the content sounds the same or doesn’t solve my problems. That’s also how i try and deliver my content too. It’s not about me, but the reader looking and searching for answers that I can provide. If we thought this way, all content should be just that easy to produce. Great post Ben!

    • http://www.quickblogtips.com/ Ben Barden

      Hey Sonia :) Standing out is hugely important. I too struggle with long posts and I’m sure others do, too. I have heard criticism that the web is making us have a really short attention span, and perhaps there’s some truth in that. With so much choice I think you have to be incredibly good to grab someone’s attention. The Internet is a bit like having a TV with a million channels, with new ones popping up and old ones disappearing every day. The choice is enormous – so we have to put out stunning content or nobody will bother reading.

  • http://www.theworkingbee.com Michael Belk @workplace issues

    Good post

    Good post Ben, I especially believe in making the post short. I think we read too much content on the net.

    • http://www.quickblogtips.com/ Ben Barden

      Thanks Michael :) Welcome to QBT!