Why Show Readers Your Upcoming Posts?

Crystal Ball

Displaying upcoming posts allows readers to see what’s coming up next. Why is this something you should do on your blog?

1. Show Readers You’re Not Going Anywhere

If you haven’t posted for a week or two, your blog can feel stale and neglected. Having new content shows that your blog is up to date.

Showing future posts goes one step further by allowing readers to see that you’ll be back soon. If you’re not posting daily, it’s a great way to bridge the gap between your current post and the next post.

If you’ve ever enjoyed watching a TV series, you’ll probably be pleased to hear it’ll be “back next week”. It’s a bit sad when the series ends. Don’t let readers think your blog is coming to an end!

2. Give Away a Little – but Not Too Much

Showing the titles and a short introduction of your upcoming posts means you can build up some buzz before the posts go up. As you’re not showing the full text of the post, you’re not giving away too much.

Readers will be able to spot a high quality post before it goes up, and know when to expect it. Some unusual titles may grab the attention of a reader who’s used to what I call “blogging by numbers” – that is, posts that are predictable or that have been done to death.

3. Force Yourself to Write Awesome Titles

If you wanted to tell the world about an upcoming post but you could only share the title, what would you do? I’ve found that this makes you write better and better post titles.

Writing great titles is extremely important – it makes your posts stand out.

How to Display Upcoming Posts

Install the “Upcoming Posts” plugin for WordPress. Also, don’t forget to check out my guide in the Further Reading links shown below – the third link shows you how to improve this plugin and make it look awesome.


Do you use the Upcoming Posts plugin? Why else do you think sharing upcoming posts is a good idea?

  • Jeevanjacobjohn

    Hey Ben,

    Great tips here.

    For me, I was thinking to give me upcoming blog posts list for my subscribers (instead of everyone). This way, I can get more page views/traffic from my list :-)

    The only disadvantage is when you don’t want to publish that post due to some reason – quality, dissatisfaction – (or if you haven’t finished the post yet).

    • http://www.quickblogtips.com/ Ben

      Thanks Jeevan. :) I think you’d need to send the post titles in a newsletter, which might work, but as you say the posts might change before you go out. On the other hand, I’ve found that if I announce something before it’s ready, I’m more likely to do it. It doesn’t always work, but once you say you’re going to do something (within reason of course), it can give you a bit of a nudge to actually make it happen. That’s why I have a page on this blog and also at benbarden.com listing my objectives for 2012 :)

      • Jeevanjacobjohn

        I am not sure whether I should apply that to my list. Because, when I write articles, I just write them. I don’t usually publish articles that I have written to an extent and saved as drafts due to my lacks of ideas in the post body.

        That doesn’t really work out for me. I mean, it will motivate me to act. But, I won’t necessarily have the time to get it done due to my studies :-)

        • http://www.quickblogtips.com/ Ben

          Do you plan your posts or do you just start writing? If you don’t plan your posts, have a look in the “Planning” category on this blog. (Categories can be found in a dropdown in the sidebar.) You might find some of the tips useful :)

          • Jeevanjacobjohn

            Nope. I don’t plan at all.

            If I plan, that will be the end of it. I won’t really be able to complete the post if I plan (I have tried it a few times).

            The best posts I have written so far are my guest posts. And of all them – I wrote it without a plan.

            I just wrote a guest post on my experience with writing – without planning. I will send you the link via Twitter when it gets published :-)