Reply to Comments Before Promoting Your Posts

Address your peers

If you’re going to do a bit of promotion, you need to prepare your blog first. One of the most important things to do is to show that you don’t ignore commenters.

This is most important with the posts displayed on your homepage, as they are the most prominent. If the first thing someone sees is a bunch of unanswered comments, it doesn’t give a great first impression.

When to Reply?

You don’t have to reply to all of your comments the moment they come in. But it’s worthwhile to keep up with your replies. Make sure you’ve replied to all recent comments before you link to one of your posts on your favourite social network.

Do You Reply To All?

Not every comment warrants a reply. I aim to reply to all comments except when someone replies to my reply, unless they ask a question. Otherwise, it could go on for a while.

Turn Off Auto Sharing

If you automatically share your posts on Facebook or Twitter, there may be times when a post gets promoted before you’ve had a chance to reply to the comments on your latest posts. This is one reason why I don’t think you should use tools such as Networked Blogs to automatically share your posts. See the end of the post for more on this.

Post Your Replies Now!

You may set out with good intentions and aim to catch up with your comment replies in one go. But it can take time to write replies. So don’t let comments build up, if you plan to reply to them.

How to Keep Track

A quick way to keep track of your comments is to hold onto the notification emails until you’ve replied to the comments. Once you’ve replied, delete the email. It’s simple but really effective. If you’re worried about clogging up your inbox, you could move the comment notifications to a folder, but keep them unread so they stand out. However, this can be less effective as you don’t see the emails every time you login to your email.


When do you reply to comments? Do you post all of your replies before promoting your posts?

  • Taba Rama

    Simple but too effective..!
    Replying comments should be the main propaganda when one is new to blogging field, and should make this as a habit.! And by the end, we might get a chance to manage some Followers and Fans; the ultimate dose for the blog..
    About me, I usually replies back to comments when one’s ended up with Question mark..! well it too makes a sense..
    One more point on its benefit;
    FRIENDLINESS. Giving a quick response with helpful advice and liking the readers comment, can surely win the readers heart. People loves to get attention..

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Taba Rama :) Good point about being friendly, although I think replying quickly is a different matter. You’ll notice I’ve taken a few days to reply to the comments on this post along with a few others – I don’t recommend dropping everything to reply to comments if it’s not a convenient time. I prefer replying to comments in batches. I particularly recommend replying to comments on the post you wish to promote before you promote it :)

  • Lisa

    Ben, I like using the email notification too and I try to keep up as often as I can on replies. Funny though, I just turned on auto share for networked blogs. Will read the post on that next. It is probably the only automation I use outside of the buffer and Triberr. Thanks!

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Lisa :) Did you know your Gravatar isn’t showing on this post? Maybe something to check out. I’d be interested to hear your views on Networked Blogs once you’ve been using it for a few weeks. I found that it depends on your posting frequency and whether you post any other content on your fan page. A regularly updated blog with no other content posted to the fan page can have a negative effect, especially if readers already subscribe to your feed. In my mind, a fan page should offer more :)

  • Jens P. Berget

    Hey Ben,

    This is a very interesting topic, and I know a lot of bloggers who are replying to the comments right away, and I know others who are doing it in batches the day after. It’s a time management thing :)

    I don’t have a plan. I try to reply as soon as I see the comment, and most of the time it happens before I start promoting anything. But at other times, I reply after I’ve been doing some promoting. I guess it depends on how fast I get comments.

    I have stopped autosharing on all the social networks :)

    • Ben Barden

      Hi Jens :) I used to reply to comments very quickly, but this can interrupt my train of thought if I’m working on other things. I definitely prefer to do my replies in batches. :)

      As for autosharing, I do use Triberr a bit, but I try not to flood my stream with too many links. This is a bit tricky as I have both Triberr and Buffer running at the same time, and they sometimes overlap.

  • Dee Ankary

    Hi Ben,

    I have Tweet Old Post enabled to recycle some of the older posts and keep my Twitter presence alive for my audience who is in a different time zone.

    Your idea about not promoting until you have a few comments and you’ve already had a few comments got me thinking. I tend to do the bulk of my posting to social media right after a post goes live (though it’s not automated). I think I will try holding off, giving my blog subscribers first dibs at comments.

    Great post, and I’m still digging the categories on your sidebar menu.


    • Ben Barden

      Hi Dee :) I have to say, I’m not keen on Tweet Old Post. I used to recommend it, but I turned it off as I prefer to have much more control over which posts I share. For instance, I routinely go through my older posts and update them with new links, new images and a few SEO-related tweaks. Sometimes, I share one of the recently updated posts on Twitter. Tweet Old Post is a bit too random for me.

      I do like your point about keeping active on Twitter in different timezones – Buffer is an excellent way to do this. Have you tried it?

      Glad you like the categories – I worked hard on those :D