Kick Life Into Your Blog With a Refresh

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Is your blog feeling a bit tired? Have you started to lose interest in writing new posts? Have readers stopped commenting and subscribing? It might be time for a refresh.

New Year, New Design

It’s a New Year – why not celebrate the occasion with a great new look for your blog? Installing a new theme will help – however, there’s nothing like a custom-made theme.

If you’re not a designer, you could hire someone to build a theme for you. Or, you could use a theme framework, which provides many more customisations than a typical theme does. I highly recommend the Genesis framework.

Regular Features

If you’re struggling to write new content and the posts you do write aren’t really captivating your audience, why not try a regular feature?

For instance, I usually publish a link love post on a Sunday. You could feature a WordPress plugin, review someone else’s blog, or get on your soapbox in a weekly slot.

Be careful not to let the regular features take over the blog. If you find yourself unable to blog regularly, you should try to decrease the frequency of your regular posts. If the only thing I have to post this week is a link love post, I’d hold onto the links until I have more of my own content to balance things out.

It’s also better to try and come up with your own regular features, instead of doing the same as everyone else. Music Monday, Wordless Wednesday and Follow Friday are relatively easy ways to keep your blog up to date, but they don’t always add a lot of value for the reader.

Multi-Part Posts

A great way to move beyond the traditional format of publishing one-hit wonders on your blog is to write something bigger. If you’re writing a post and it ends up being quite long, maybe you should split it into two or three parts?

However, I think you’ll write a better series of posts if you plan them as a series – rather than simply splitting your post up because it was huge.

You should plan the posts in advance, write the detail, schedule them, and link them together. If your series is longer than three posts, it might be better as an eBook.

Clean Up Your Clutter

How many widgets, buttons and other junk do you have in your sidebar or footer? Maybe it’s time to do a spot of housekeeping, and remove the things you don’t use anymore.

Don’t feel you have to keep things on your blog because the site you linked to asks for a link. Ask yourself if the service is worth linking to. As you can probably tell, I keep widgets and ads to an absolute minimum.


Has your blog gone a bit quiet over Christmas and New Year? What will you be doing to bring it back to life?